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Team Leaders Watch Out!

Business communication styles can come in several harmful flavours. I love the following story that illustrates how your style of communication could lead to big problems in business and personally if you aren’t careful. What’s your leadership communication style?

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Is design still a man's world?

Women make excellent designers, there's no question about that. They're fantastic communicators and multi-taskers. A female friend of mine describes women as 'web-thinkers', saying: "Women tend to collect more pieces of data when they think, put them into more complex patterns, identify more options and outcomes." These are all skills that undeniably make for a good problem-solving designer.

Today in South Africa, almost half of all design graduates are female, and the opportunity to combine the many different characteristics of female and male minds sometimes results in dream collaborations. Take women to be part of your creative team and an award-winning team will be born.


Why you must master mobile ecommerce

Since 2011, many in the design community have been pushing responsive design to our clients as a “nice-to-have” feature. But in 2014, reality has set in: a responsive website has become an essential part of any company’s online presence.


Becoming a professional 3D animator

Becoming a professional 3D animator isn’t something that’s usually, like any profession or career, achieved in just a few weeks, months or even years. It’s a career path that takes a great deal of love and dedication to the art form, but if you love it then it’s going to be completely worth it.